Thin People Get Flabby Stomachs Too!

This page is dedicated to all the misunderstood thin people like myself who are happy with their overall weight, but still want to tone up their middles.

I hear people say all the time, "How can someone be skinny and still have a gut?"

What they don't realize is that when people who are naturally thin gain some weight, it forms on their bodies as extra flab just like a person of an average weight.

People with small frames may still look thin in clothing with the added weight gain, but that doesn't mean we don't have love handles and belly flab underneath. It can be deceiving.

I guess the good part about being thin is that we can hide our "out of shape" areas better than some with our clothing, but at the same time, it doesn't mean we don't struggle with the same issues as others.

If you've never been there, it may be a difficult concept to grasp. You're probably rolling your eyes right now. That's OK, no offense...but it's not really for you to understand anyway. :) All my fellow thin folks can relate to what I say here.

I get the eye rolls all the time when I talk about firming up because people just see me as "thin enough" or "too thin" already.

If you gain too much weight for your own body's natural frame, it will be in the form of fat and flab - no matter what size you are.

You've heard of the phrase "big boned"? That's the term used to describe people who are not really flabby, but simply larger in size. They can carry extra weight and still looks firm.

Well, think of naturally thin people as "small boned". It's not that we lack "meat on our bones" as the old saying goes, we just have smaller frames.

Someone that is 5'4" and 125 pounds may look totally different than another person with those same stats based on the size of their internal frame.

One person can look slim and fit while the other can appear out of shape if their natural frame is smaller. has nothing to do with lack of "meat on our bones". (I really hate that phrase, now! :)

When I was younger I didn't understand that. I always thought I could gain 30 pounds and could achieve the look I wanted. I didn't understand that my size had nothing to do with fat or the lack of it. It had everything to do with having a small frame.

When I turned 27, I started putting on some weight. It was only 10 or 15 pounds but it was still noticeable. (When your clothes no longer fit, that's a sure sign!)

The weight didn't distribute itself like I thought it would. In fact, it only went to two main areas: My gut and my butt!

Actually that's not really true. When you gain weight, it actually goes everywhere. It just looks worse in certain areas - the stomach being one of them.

So even though I still look very thin with the added weight, I developed some flab around my stomach and even on my sides in the love handle area.

Does it mean that I'm overweight from a health standpoint? No. Probably not even close. However, it does mean that I've probably gained too much weight for my body's small frame which causes the "out of shape" look when I throw on a bikini.

If you are already naturally thin or at an ideal weight yet you still have problems with a flabby stomach - here's some info for you...

It's In Your Genes

Where your body stores extra fat has a lot to do with your genes. Look at the people in your family? Do they generally store extra weight in their middle?

If so, that may be a big part of the reason you gain more weight in your belly than in other areas.

Unfortunately there's really nothing you can do about this. You can't force your fat to go some place else. All you can do is exercise to keep your entire body in shape.

That's my problem. Even though I am still very thin with the added weight, a large percentage of my weight goes right to the middle.

You Have to Lose Some Weight

I know...I know. It's not an easy thing to hear if you like the fact you've put on weight in other areas. Trust me...I can relate.

I don't mind having a little "junk in the trunk" as they say or even gaining in areas like my arms and legs. Unfortunately a disporportionate amount of my weight goes to my lower abdomen.

Now, if you've been reading this site, you know that it's impossible to spot tone your stomach area. To get rid of that gut you have to lose weight all over.

This doesn't mean you have to lose all of the weight you've gained. Remember that a lot of the stomach fat may come from eating starches and sugars - particularly late at night. So if you cut those out that can make a big difference in your stomach and not necessarily cause you to lose all of your weight.

Since I've been watching what I eat and exercising I've only lost about 3 pounds but I've noticed a bigger difference in my stomach.

So don't think you have to lose lots of weight, but be prepared to lose some of it to get that flatter stomach.

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Lift Weights

Another way to keep from looking too thin when you lose the weight is to work out in the gym and gain muscle.

This doesn't mean you have to try and look like the Incredible Hulk. :) Just do some moderate lifting to gain some definition.

If you have small arms and/or legs and want to keep your overall look, start lifting weights and doing exercises that strengthen those parts of your body.

This will keep you from looking so thin all over while you work to flatten your stomach.

No Body's Perfect

A realization I had to come to is that no body is perfect. We all have imperfections and sometimes we have to learn to live with them.

Because of your body type, it may be impossible for you to achieve that certain look you're going for. Not everyone can obtain that "perfect shape" due to our genes and natural frames.

I would love to stay around 120-125 pounds with a flat stomach. Unfortunately because I tend to store more fat in the middle section, I can't keep that weight and maintain a flat stomach. It's impossible.

However, it is important to understand that you can still flatten your stomach and keep some of your added weight by changing your overall diet.

I noticed a huge difference when I cut out white bread, pasta, TV dinners (lots of sodium there!), stopped eating late and watched my sugar intake.

I still eat a lot of the foods I like, but I've really been monitoring my consumption of those foods that are bad for the belly (starches and bad carbs). Also, my fast food consumption is down by about 70%.

Even if you do nothing else but cut out a lot of bad foods, that can make a big difference!

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