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Tips & Exercises for a Flat Stomach

It's been defined as one of the most problematic areas on a person's body...the stomach - and it seems everyone is obsessed with flattening it.

Unfortunately many people think they can eat whatever they want and get a flat stomach by performing 250 crunches per day to burn off the extra fat and calories. That's probably the biggest myth around.

Not only will you find information on some of the best stomach exercises, but you'll also learn how to keep your tummy flatter by eating the right kinds of foods and learning how your body works.

Tried Everything to Flatten Your Stomach?

Finally! An ab book with photos that shows you what REALLY works when it comes to flattening your stomach and toning your abs. Read my review.

flat stomach food guide Download The Flat Stomach Food Guide Today!

Getting a flat stomach goes far beyond exercise. You must learn how to eat right.

Download this free food guide and learn more about what's in the food you eat and how to become a healthier shopper.

You'll also learn more about the recommended daily intake for carbs, fat, sodium and sugar.

Download The Flat Stomach Food Guide here.
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Why So Many Struggle With Losing Stomach Fat

The reality is, most people never have long-term success when it comes to losing stomach fat. Find out why and how you can battle the bulge effectively.

Flat Stomach Dieting Myths

I will also tell you why traditional DIETING is the worse thing you can do to flatten your stomach or lose weight in general. We've been conditioned to believe so many false statments about losing weight and it's time to address it. Read why diets can do more harm than good.

Weight Loss and Self Esteem - The BIG Connection

Are you one of those people who believes flattening your stomach or losing weight is the only thing that's keeping you from being happy and confident? While this may be true for some, others lose the weight and are in for a rude awakening. Read this.

The Calorie Counter

Flattening the stomach requires you to lose weight all over and that starts with eating healthy and reducing the amount of calories you consume.

Use the calorie counter below to discover how many calories you are consuming with the foods you eat.

Real Flat Stomach Facts

You need to understand that your stomach will never be flat until you lose weight in all areas. Maintaining a toned middle means developing good eating habits for life, stop crash dieting, exercise regularly and have tons of patience. Crunches alone will never get the job done.

I Love Tyra's "So What!" Campaign

We are in a weight/self esteem crisis. People are obsessed with being too thin and they define their self worth by how big their thighs are or how flat their stomach is.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be fit, but you should never use your body to determine your self worth.

Read why I support Tyra's campaign.

Buy Fitness Books & Other Ab Equipment

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Check out the stomach flattening books and videos I recommend and don't forget to sign up for my FREE Tummy Tip of the Week in the form below.

Will Being Thin Really Make You Happy?

Just lose the weight and/or stomach flab and you'll finally get the happiness you've always wanted. You are just X amount of pounds away from living a life full of bliss. Or are you?

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