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Burned Out On Your Food Choices? - Added 7/12/2007
Eating-plan-burnout, is a common reason many people give up their weight loss goals. Here's a strategy that may help you stay on course.

Can't Keep The Weight Off? - Added 5/15/2007
It's time you learn the real truth about why so many people cannot keep their weight off.

I Love Tyra's "So What" Campaign! - Added 4/26/2007
Tyra has waged a war on body image and self esteem, and I'm in complete support of it! Isn't it time you started saying, "So What!"?

"If I Lose Weight, Then I'll Be Happy." - Added 3/20/2007
Do you believe that becoming thin is the solution to a happier life? If so, you could be in for a rude awakening.

Flat Stomach & Weight Loss FAQ's - Added 2/26/2007
A growing list of answers to frequently asked questions I receive on weight loss and flattening the stomach.

Are You a Teen Desperate To Lose Weight? - Added 2/10/2007
Many teens want to lose weight, but for the wrong reasons. Before you embark on that weight loss plan, please read this article.

Need Workout Ideas? - Added 2/01/2007
Don't know which exercises are best for your situation? Or maybe you need some ideas for an exercise routine? Workoutpass.com grants you access to over 40 sites that show you the best exercises for your situation. Pretty cool site.

Your Weight Loss Guide For 2007 - Added 1/05/2007
10 steps to becoming a more fit you!

The Best Six Pack Ab Book I've Found - Added 12/2/2006
I don't recommend a lot of books because they all have the same information, but this one is an exception. If you want to know the best way to train your abs through exercise, you won't want to miss this.

The Flat Stomach Exercises Store Launches! - Added 10/02/2006
Browse my online store and find everything from ab DVDs, books to exercise equipment and other fitness accesories.

Weight Loss Advice for Teens - Added 9/10/2006
Are you a teenager struggling with stomach flab or other weight issues? Here's some advice that may help.

My eDiets.com Review - Added 5/20/2006
I'm very skeptical when I read about some of these diet plans, but I liked how eDiets customizes their plan to fit you.

It All Adds Up - Added 4/22/2006
It's good you're monitoring your fat and calories, but don't forget to read everything on those labels. The little things like sugar and sodium can add up and do some damange as well.

Liposuction & Other Surgery Alternatives - Added 3/10/2006
I hope this page changes a lot of minds like it did for one visitor in March, 2006. Before you consider any kind of surgery, please read this article.

Getting Rid of That Pregnancy Belly Fat - Added 2/19/2006
The baby's here...and so is that leftover pooch. Learn about some exercises you can perform to help tone up that middle section after giving birth.

Ab Exercise Machines - Added 2/02/2006
You may be surprised at the machines I recommend here. Some of the best stomach flattening machines don't require you to crunch anything.

DIET - A Dirty Four-Letter Word - Added 12/01/2005
I only use the word "diet" to get your attention. Find out why I believe it's a word you should erase from your vocabulary.

Healthy Snacks to Munch On - Added 10/22/2005
Ever run out of ideas for snacks that are good for you? Here are some foods you can snack on without feeling guilty.

Email Response Blog - Added 9/10/2005
This is a blog where I post selected responses from emails I receive (all anonymous, of course). You may want to bookmark this site.

Lower Stomach Exercises - Added 8/31/2005
Here are some exercises you can perform that focus on the lower abdominal region.

Fat or Bloating - Added 8/20/2005
You may not realize it, but a lot of your stomach flab problems may really be bloating instead of fat.

Thin People Have Stomach Flab - Added 8/11/2005
An eye-opening article that discusses why many thin people experience problems with stomach flab too.

Tummy Tip of the Week - Added 8/1/2005
You can now receive a quick tip on diet or exercise right to your email address by signing up for my Tummy Tip of the Week.

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