Exercising Your Love Handles

Love handles. Ah yes....the affectionate term given to that flabby area on the sides of your abdomen that you can't seem to get rid of.

The anatomic term for them is "obliques" and unfortunately this area of the body is often neglected when it comes to exercising the stomach and ab areas.

Again, I cannot stress enough that you have to start with long-duration aerobic exercise if you want to trim any part of your stomach.

Spot toning will prove ineffective because you need to raise your metabolism enough to burn that extra love handle fat. Remember, it's all about total body fitness and losing weight all over.

If you've been reading this site, you're probably tired of me mentioning that, but that is the #1 misconception about stomach toning. You have to get your entire body into shape before you start seeing results.

Join a gym or start a cardio exercise program in your home. Most cable networks have workout channels with tons of low to high impact aerobic programs you can do right from the comfort of your own home.

You don't need to spend money on DVD's to get a good workout at home anymore. Even doing jumping jacks and running in place for 20-30 minutes can give you a good cardio workout.

While doing basic ab crunches will help eliminate some of the fat around the obliques, here are some other exercises that focus more on the love handle area.

Leg Flutters

love handle exercise

A lot of people don't realize that in order to tone your middle and the love handles area you also need to strengthen your back. This creates a balance in your torso and reduces the fat on your back.

1. Lie on your stomach and lift your head up slightly

2. You can keep your arms straight out at your sides or bend them with your elbows resting beside you.

3. Lift your feet and knees off the floor and flutter your legs rapidly back and forth. Do this for 20 seconds. Take a 20 second break and then repeat again.

Twist Crunches

love handle exercise

This exercise will work your internal and external obliques as well as the rectus abdominis. These are the two muscle groups that live around your waist. Fat is generally stored on top of these muscles, thus creating the love handle effect.

1. Lie on your back with your knees bent.

2. Carefully lift your head up and place your hands behind your head without locking your fingers together.

3. Twist to the right bringing your left elbow to your right knee. Extend your left leg out.

4. Now twist back to the left bringing your right elbow to your left knee. Extend your right leg out.

5. Repeat 25 times.

Standing Trunk Twists

love handle exercise

This is a good aerobic-type exercise that will help get your heart rate up as well as burn some calories in your middle.

1. Stand with your feet about a foot apart and knees relaxed.

2. Twist your torso to the left while keeping your hips and legs as stable as possible. As you twist to the left, cross your right arm in front of your body in a punching motion.

3. Twist back to the right and cross your left arm over your body in a punching motion.

4. Do 100 reps.

The Bottom Line:

Just like getting rid of belly fat, love handles will only firm up if you start increasing your body's metabolism by exercising 3-4 times per week for at least 30 minutes. This does not only include crunches, sit ups, etc but aerobic-type exercises that will get your heart rate up.

Learning how to effectively tone your body is also key, and exercises like the ones Mike Geary talks about in his book are extremely helpful in toning your mid section and love handles.

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