My Favorite Flat Stomach / Ab Workout

michael carsonI just found a new workout that is fun and very effective for burning fat, flattening the stomach and toning the abs. What's even better is it's completely free!

If you have a cable service in your home with OnDemand, check to see if you have Exercise TV. If so, chances are you will have access to this workout.

It's by Michael Carson and it's called Cardio Sport. You can find it by going to your "OnDemand" channel.

Then look for the "Sports & Fitness" category and select "ExerciseTV". Go to the Cardio section and you'll find Michael's Cardio Sport workout.

You can also find it in this Slim Down Fast DVD Compilation you can buy on Amazon.

Info About The Workout

The exercise routine is about 22 minutes long and for 17 minutes you do moderate to high-powered cardio moves that work the waist, abs and love handles. For the final 5 minutes you perform low impact floor exercises that tone the abs.

The only thing you need is a small, light weight ball (about the size of a mini basketball) or hand weight and possibly a mat (particularly if you have hardwood floors). If you have carpeting then you probably won't need a mat.

Why I Like This Video

There are several reasons I recommend this video...

1) You do both cardio for fat burning and toning for the abs

2) It's short (22 minutes), but you still work up a sweat

3) It's a lot of fun doing the sport moves. Michael does coordinated moves from basketball and boxing so it's a nice break from the standard cardio exercises that can get boring.

4) Most beginners will be able to complete the entire video the first time

5) The moves are pretty simple

6) It seems to get more enjoyable the more you do it

The first time I tried this workout my abs were pretty sore so I knew I was getting a good workout. And just when you're getting tired, Michael gives you a break with a step-touch routine and at the end you can rest while doing the abdominal exercises.

Again, if you cannot get this through your cable or satellite service, you can order the Slim Down Fast DVD compilation that includes this workout along with several others.

Note: If you have health issues, you should always check with a physician before performing any kind of exercise.




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