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I have never lost large amounts of weight and have only had trouble with small amounts of stomach flab here and there. I am also NOT a physician or dietician.

I get a lot of questions about weight loss in areas other than the stomach, and most of them I am not really qualified to answer.

The information on this site was gathered from my own research and personal experiences with tummy flab.

And since I've never lost large amounts of weight myself, I am not really experienced or comfortable giving extensive weight loss help.

So if you need weight loss advice, you should really seek help from a physician or personal trainer and they can give you individual advice for YOUR unique situation.

So while I may seem like an expert on fitness and training, I am far from it.

Please Check My Site Before Sending an E-mail

Most of what I know about weight loss and fitness is on this site so be sure to check the frequently asked questions too. You may find your answer here.

Many people have been emailing me with very specific questions about weight training, surgery and other medical conditions that I am not qualified to answer.

It's important to also seek advice from your family doctor in addition to doing your own research. You should also consult a doctor before beginning any kind of diet or exercise program, especially if you have health problems or are unsure about something.

Everyone is different. How much weight you will lose in any given period depends on your age, metabolism, gender, eating habits, and your exercise routine. It will vary from person to person.

Loosing weight too quickly can only be done the wrong ways (starvation, pills, etc.) and that can endanger your health as well as slow your metabolism in the long-run. Read this article about flattening the stomach quickly.

Again, you should always consult a doctor with specific questions about your individual weight loss situation.

I wish you all the best. ;)

Are You a Teen Who Would Do Anything To Lose Weight? Feeling desperate?

If you read one article on this site, make sure it's this one. It may change your life starting today.

Also, if you are a teenager you should be consulting a parent or doctor for help.


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