The Best Ab Exercise Equipment

Don't spend your money on ab machines until you read this entire page.

Surprised ya, huh? You may have expected to see a listing of various ab exercise equipment from the Belly Burner 100 to the Gut Buster 5000.

There's a reason I didn't list many of those -- and that is mainly because most people don't realize that the key to flattening your stomach and toning your abs is getting rid of the overall body fat first.

Don't get me wrong, you can still purchase some ab machines, just understand that cardiovascular exercises are just as important as doing abdominal-related exercises.

Your ab muscles won't show until you get your body fat down to around 10%. So the best way to accomplish this is a good cardio workout accompanied by a healthy diet.

For tips on healthy eating see the following pages:

Now that you understand a bit about eating healthy it's time to start incorporating a good cardio workout into your lifestyle.

NOTE: Before you begin working out on any machine or exercise program, it's recommended that you consult your physician - especially if you have a health problem.



If you read "The Best Stomach Exercise" page you already know that the ideal exercise for toning your stomach and abs is walking/jogging because it helps elevate your metabolism to burn fat all over.

This is especially true for those of you who have not gotten your body fat down yet. Remember, you can't flatten your stomach without losing weight everywhere else.

The good news is walking doesn't just help you lose weight, but it also assists in fighting diseases.

Studies have already proven that people who walk regularly have fewer cases of cancer, strokes, and heart disease. They live longer and receive mental health benefits.

Walking and jogging, like any cardio exercises, elevate your heart rate and give your metabolism a boost in order to burn calories more effeciently and faster.

So if you can't make it to the gym or live in a place that is not conducive to walking outdoors, then a treadmill is the ideal exercise equipment.

I would recommend you purchase a treadmill from a fitness store instead of a department store. Mainly because fitness store clerks are usually more knowledgeable about the various products and will probably be more helpful if you have questions.

Treadmills come in so many different styles and varieties that the selection process may be a bit tedious. That's another good reason to purchase from a store with knowledgeable salespeople.

You also may be tempted to go with the cheapest one they have out there. That is not always the best choice either. Cheaper ones may have belts that aren't quite as durable and the treadmill may not last as long. I would recommend going with one that has a mid-range price.

Then to save a little money, go to a fitness store and find one you like, jot down the brand, model and the features you want. Next go to an online store like and see if you can get that same kind for a cheaper price.

Elliptical Machines

Elliptical Machine

These machines are awesome. I don't think people realize the benefits of them.

First of all elliptical machines work many, many muscle groups. Also, because your feet never leave the pedals, the stress on the joints is minimal and there is little risk of overusing a certain muscle group.

Elliptical machines allow you to burn a similar number of calories as jogging, but without the risk of injury to the knees and ankles.

When using these machines, the heart rate is elevated a lot quicker than on other apparatuses - allowing for an effective cardiovascular workout. Of course this helps reduce the risk of a heart attack, stroke and other diseases that stem from a weak heart.

Another plus is that since it works so many different muscle groups, you can receive a thorough workout in as little as 20 minutes.

So if you are one that is always complaining about not enough time to exercise, surely you can squeeze in 20 minutes to workout on the elliptical machine, right? :)

Just like the treadmill, I would recommend consulting a fitness professional to help you decide which machine is best for you.

I would also go mid-range on the price when it comes to buying these as well -- for the same reasons mentioned previously.

Ab Machines

I saved this section for last because I wanted you to really understand how important it is to get your heart pumping and your metabolism moving before you start seeing a flatter stomach.

If you are overweight and trying to tone your abs by using some ab machine without changing your diet and performing cardio exercises, you are going about it the wrong way.

In fact, you may even notice your stomach increasing in size because you're building muscle on top of your existing fat.

I am not against ab machines, I think they can be very beneficial if used with a complete workout and a healthy diet.

I personally do not use any of them so I can't speak of my personal experiences. I do Pilates, ab exercise DVD's and the treadmill.

However, there are some great sites out there with information on how to choose the best ab equipment for your needs.

A Great Exercise Machine Resource...

If you need help with deciding on what kind of ab exercise equipment is best for you, offers superb guidance.

It was developed by someone who personally understands the trials and tribulations of choosing the proper exercise equipment, and I think you'll find it very useful.



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